1. Last week we posted our ‘season finale’ of Kid President on Soulpancake. We’ll be coming back really soon, but it’s a pretty big milestone for us. If I’m honest, I never thought we’d be allowed to make more than a handful of episodes. Now in the aftermath of ‘going viral’ we’re presented with more opportunities than we ever could have thought - and it’s all really overwhelming.

    We’re attempting to navigate these new waters with as much grace and wisdom as can be mustered. Thankful for our friends and those close to us who believe in what we’re doing and have helped us stay the course. This entire thing started because we really believed that these silly videos could brighten the world. It should be noted that by ‘world’ we were thinking just our friends and loved ones who’d be kind enough to watch these little videos - now it really is…. well… the world.

    Offers have come in from all over — all wanting something. They want Kid President to do a pep talk for an energy drink, for a car company, for their mom, for their insurance office, for their cousin’s dentistry…. it’s insane and exhausting. (He references this a bit in the above video.)

    We just want to get back to work doing what we love doing. Excited about all that’s ahead! We’re working now to make choices that will allow us to continue doing what we set out to do on day one, but better! We want to spread more love, more joy and help more people. 

    On April 1 we will be going to the White House. We’re excited to get to share your voices with the big President. Please consider getting your classroom, your kids, your co-workers - whoever you can - to upload a video for us to include. How would you finish this sentence: The world would be more awesome if _____________. Let us know!

    You can also email responses to kid@kidpresident.com

    Kids can change the world. Grown ups can change the world. It’ll go a whole lot faster if we all just work together. Let’s go!

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